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High Quality Products for Home-Owners, Interior Designers, Decorators, Stylists, Studios, Showrooms, and Venues.

When it comes to high quality home improvement products, is a name you can trust. We feature a premium selection of interior products that are designed for a diverse range of projects from upgrades and maintenance, to home remodels and renovations. Our home improvement products and decor give you the flexibility, precision, and creativity to bring your vision to life.

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    The Story of Keen Kutter:

    The KEEN KUTTER brand was reserved for use on the finest Hardware Products. It was known as the “Standard of America”. Today, VAL-TEST is the parent company putting their 50+ years of experience and good name into, where you’ll find hundreds of name brands on thousands of the world’s finest Housewares, Hardware, and Home Improvement products for fair purchase and timely delivery. You will have peace of mind knowing that the products that you acquire on will perform as needed, without fail. the recollection of quality items, since 1867.

    ​ Keen Kutter's new line is Rose Gold Home, featuring décor and interior products in the color families of Rose Gold, Blush, Gold, Copper, and other similar tones. The line has recently added Marble items, as well. Rose Gold is in high-demand for any type of décor upgrades, which is why Keen Kutter is excited to highlight these products to customers, partners, members, and collaborators!

    Rose Gold Champagne Flutes (set of 2) Gray Marble-Pattern Jar (Medium)
    Our Price: $23.99
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    Our Price: $14.95
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    Rose Gold Champagne Flutes (set of 2) Gray Marble-Pattern Jar (Medium)
    The Rose Gold Champagne Flutes are unique, elegant, and chic. These flutes are functional yet also durable, made of high-quality glass. Impress your guests for with these contemporary-modern flutes at any event, dinner, or holiday party!
    Only 1 set left!

    The Gray Marble-Pattern Jar is a modern and functional item for countertop storage in the kitchen or the bathroom. It is made of high-quality ceramic material. Use this jar to hold tea, utensils, candies, other misc items for the kitchen. Otherwise, use this jar to store q-tips, cotton balls, face pads, or other toiletries for the bathroom.
    Champagne Swirl Mirror Rose Gold Paper Clips
    Our Price: $25.50
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    Our Price: $8.95
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    Champagne Swirl Mirror Rose Gold Paper Clips
    The Champagne Swirl Mirror has a light gold swirl-shaped frame and an open, overlapping design. This item has a contemorary-modern look. It measures approximately 10.25" in diameter and can easily mount to walls and door with brackets on the back sides.
    These mirrors pair perfectly with the Champagne Swirl Wall Clock, to look great as a set in the living room, dining room, office, foyer, bedroom, or bathroom.
    The pack of the Rose Gold Paper Clips is perfect to have in any modern, contemporary, and chic office. These are wonderful to use during the holiday season too!
    Rose Marble-Swirl Coffee Mug Rose Gold Marble-Swirl Pitcher
    Our Price: $14.99
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    Our Price: $28.99
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    Rose Marble-Swirl Coffee Mug Rose Gold Marble-Swirl Pitcher
    The Rose Marble-Swirl Mug is modern, unique, and chic to add in your kitchen, office, or any space. This product is made of high-quality ceramic material, making it functional yet durable, as well. Serve these mugs to impress guests at events, meetings, gatherings, or holiday parties.
    Sold Out!
    The Rose Marble-Swirl Pitcher brings beautiful, warm, blush color tones to your kitchen, dining room, or living room. It's product is made with high quality, durable ceramic material. It can be used to pour liquids of cold or warm temperatures. Add this rose-gold, marble pitcher to any modern space!