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Bisaten Interior Thermal Paint and Primer Bisaten Interior Thermal Paint and Primer

1 GALLON of Anti-condensation and anti-mold breathable water-based paint with thermal insulating effects.

Ability to hold water vapor without generating condensation during environmental cooling periods. Excellent thermal insulation and anti-condensation properties, as they reduce thermal bridging, improving energy efficiency.

When the outdoor temperature decreases, the ability to reduce wall thermal conductivity ensures that indoor wall surface temperature decreases more slowly keeping it higher compared to traditional paints, in order to delay the dispersion of heat through the walls towards the outside, achieving energy savings. It prevents mold growth for several years, even where steam is frequently produced, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, shower rooms or poorly ventilated areas (dressing room), thanks to the presence of Biocides in the dry paint film.

Our Price: $69.95